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Medi-Facials are slowly gaining popularity for being safer and longer-lasting than regular facials. Here’s what you Should and Should NOT do after one…

There are numerous methods to look your best, which is something everyone aspires to.You have three options: spend hours each week working out in the gym, get some of those bothersome wrinkles smoothed out with Anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers, or get a Medi-Facial!

A medical facial, often known as a Medi-Facial, is carried out under the direction of a physician and uses skin-friendly, long-lasting chemicals. They are not based on chemical bleaching premises like salon facials but on vitamins, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). With no adverse side effects, these substances have an immediate brightening effect and long-term anti-ageing advantages. A medical facial is a fantastic non-surgical technique to minimize facial ageing indications. But what should you do when it’s time to recover from this treatment? This blog post will review some dos and don’ts after a medical facial.

First, let us discuss what happens to our skin post a Medi-Facial.

Sensitive Skin

Have you ever woken up with bed sheet marks on your face? Well, weirdly enough, sleeping can also cause ageing. Sleep creases are usually visible on the side of the forehead and cheek due to awkward head positions on the pillow. But fear not! Changing your sleeping position can help alter your rate of ageing.

Open Pores

Your pores are now open due to the steam. Over-touching your skin can cause dirt and bacteria to gather in the skin’s deeper layers.


Use Gentle Products.

Keep in mind that after a facial, your skin is more sensitive than usual. Cleaning your face with a mild cleanser may get rid of dirt, grime, and excess grease while maintaining the integrity of your skin’s protective barrier.

Nothing Follows A Medi-Facial.

Before your facial, you should get any face treatments like threading, waxing, or waxing. After a facial, your skin often becomes more sensitive. Following a facial, waxing or threading can irritate your skin and potentially exacerbate rashes.

Use a pH Balancing Cleanser.

The pH of your skin is about 5.7 – meaning that the acidity is minimal. Use cleansers that won’t alter the pH levels of your skin. Alkaline cleansers harm the protective layer of your skin, eventually causing moisture and essential oils to escape from your skin. The amount of foam a cleanser makes is a simple method to tell if it’s good for your skin. An excessively foaming cleanser could look deep-cleansing, but it probably has an alkaline basis. Using a pH strip is another approach to assessing the cleanser’s pH.

Stay Hydrated.

The creams, face masks, and moisturizers have done an excellent job of moisturizing your skin. Your turn is now to hydrate your body so that the glow lasts longer. After receiving a facial, keep your skin and body moisturized by drinking lots of water, juice, and other fluids.

Clean Everything That Touches Your Face.

Clean any equipment and surfaces that come into contact with your face frequently. Make sure your make-up brushes are clean in case you have an event.


Don't Scrub.

Exfoliating is beneficial, but too much exfoliation might remove your skin’s barrier. Deep cleaning and scrubbing techniques used in facials will keep your skin supple and free of dead skin cells for several days.

Avoid the Sun.

UV Radiation harms your skin’s barrier. After your facial, always make it a point to avoid the sun. Your skin may become irritated from all the scrubbing and cleansing involved in a facial. If you must spend time in the sun after getting a facial, use broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Leave Your Pimples Alone.

Leave any whiteheads, blackheads, or other pimples and zits alone if they emerge after the facial. Touching or popping your pimples might result in scarring, irritation, or further breakouts.

Go Natural, Skip the Make-Up.

Despite all the steam and rigorous cleaning, your pores are still open. Following a facial with cosmetics might clog your pores. Your skin has just gone through a thorough deep cleaning. Before allowing anything to become stuck within the deeper layers of your skin, give it time to breathe and space to allow your pores to close.

Now that you know what to and what not to do after getting a Medi-Facial, go book your appointment at www.rasaderm.com! You will first be guided through a counselling session with the doctor who will assess the health and condition of your skin and recommend the treatment you need!

A safe and hygienic clinic awaits you!


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