10 Makeup Mistakes That Worsen Your Acne, According to Dermatologist
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Researching the world of makeup may be an adrenaline-pumping adventure, but such dangerous trials for us who suffer from acne are not uncommon as well. Rasa Derm relies on an integrated approach to skincare developed by Dr. Veenu Jindal. Similarly, when makeup is chosen and applied wisely, it can help you to be more beautiful without damaging your skin at all. On the other hand, these mistakes can ironically work against flaws and acne issues. In this article, we will be exploring the much-dreaded skincare blunders. Dermatological insights and research breakthroughs will be utilised to help you keep your skin flawless and beautiful now.

  • Skipping Primer: Primer does not just help even out your makeup application; it protects your skin from potentially clogging substances.
  • Using Heavy Foundations: For purposes of light, breathable skin, look for non-comedogenic, light formulation makeup. Lighter coverage will also work better for this purpose.
    Incorrect Shade Matching: The incorrect one could cause the acne to get worse due to over-application, which causes pores to clog.
  • Neglecting Clean Brushes: Dirty makeup tools are a haven for bacteria, where they proliferate and can make you break out.
  • Overlooking Expiration Dates: Outdated makeup may produce harmful bacteria that can trigger skin conditions, including blemishes and acne.
  • Layering Too Many Products: Putting on a lot of makeup can often result in the skin becoming trapped with dirt and oil, which causes pores to get clogged.
  • Forgetting to Remove Makeup Before Bed: Sleeping while still wearing your makeup can lead to blocked pores and, in turn, a worse acne problem.
  • Choosing Comedogenic Ingredients: Some components of makeup cause pores to become blocked, so reading the product labels is very important before making a purchase.
  • Ignoring Skin Type: Matching your makeup to your skin type will help you remove unwanted acne from your face.
    Frequent Touch-ups: Every time you retouch your make-up and hands, you end up transferring oil and dirt from your hands to your face, which blocks pores.

Choosing the Wrong Products

Signposting through the aisle of the beauty store can be very confusing, even for people with acne or those who are trying hard to prevent it. Dr. Veenu Jindal, Rasa Derm founder, places stress on finding makeup products that correspond with your skin’s needs. The wrong choices not only delay the appearance but also even aggravate the acne outbreak, which is turning a temporary solution into a long-term problem.

  1. The Catch of Comedone-Causing Formulas: Often, you make mistakes when using products that cause blackheads (comedogenic products). Select ingredients like oils, silicones, and cocoa butter have the effect of easing acne for some people while troubled acne-prone skin for others. Dr. Jindal advises that a person should be very careful while reading the product labels. She recommends choosing products that are labelled as ‘non-comedogenic’ or with ‘won’t clog pores’ guarantees.
  2. Heavy Foundations: Having its benefits, it is also a two-edged sword: However, the super-staying power of full-coverage foundations is always appealing, but they can get too saturated for acne-prone skin. These formulations contain chemicals that can clog the pores with oil and dead skin cells, making the acne even worse. Lighter and more breathable makeup options, such as mineral makeup or tinted moisturizers, can be a great replacement for traditional makeup that tends to leave the face looking thick and cakey.

Overlooking the skin type and positive aspects leads to damage. Every skin presents a unique challenge and has its own set of features and specifications. Some products may be good for one person, but for another, quite the opposite. Skin type—bbe it oily, dry or combination—you need to know it and go for products that are made to give care unique to each category of skin.

Appearance is the core concept in our philosophy of Rasa Derm, which considers beauty and skincare as two beings harmoniously connected. Dr. Jindal’s expertise drives our philosophy: to make sure that your makeup complements and does not counteract your effort to restore your skin’s appearance to health and cure acne. Keep in mind the fact that beautiful products are not only about making you more attractive; they are also about taking care of your skin on the inside by supplying it with what it needs the most.

The Foundation of Skin Health.

Follow a good skin care regimen just as thoroughly as a well-balanced diet is for you. It must be sustaining, protecting and curative. When you skip steps like cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen, impurities build up, your skin gets dehydrated and you capitalize on all the stress that your skin takes from the environment, which aggravates acne.

Cleansing: The First, Last, and Only Offense

Frequent cleansing is like using clean towels to wipe away excess oil, dirt and pollutants that otherwise cause blockage of pores and lead to acne breakouts. While it is over-cleansing that strips the skin from its natural oils, this results in rash and skin dryness that further exacerbates the problem of sebum on the face.

Moisturizing and Sun Protection: What a Girlfriend Needs.

Moisturizing is important as it acts as a barrier so that the skin will be in optimal condition, which is critical for acne-prone skin types. What is more, daily application of sunscreen prevents sunburn, UVA-associated inflammation and hyperpigmentation, which are unwanted problems of acne.


In essence, a clear, healthy skin destination is built on knowledge-based decisions and mindful habits. Dr. Veenu Jindal of Rasa Derm has been enlightening using the mistakes in our use of makeup and skincare that may worsen acne and giving us a walkthrough to more glowing skin through awareness and care.


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