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Have you started losing your hair at an early age? More than 50% of men and women complain about thinning hair. You feel embarrassed with your thin hair. Medical conditions, genetics, stress, and hormonal changes may cause hair loss at a rapid rate. Prescription drugs can provide temporary solutions. However, at Rasaderm, you will get scientifically proven hair loss treatment. We have been in the dermatology industry for years and have gained a revolutionary idea to regenerate your hair follicles. We rely on Platelet-rich Plasma treatments to promote hair growth on your scalp. Let us remove your concerns with our plasma therapy for hair.

No Age Bar

Do not think that you are too young and old to have our plasma therapy for hair loss. There is a myth that only aged persons undergo hair loss treatment with PRP. You do not need to think about the age limit while scheduling an appointment with us. However, it is better to wait until you attain 18 years of age. Mostly, the 24-45 age group finds hair loss problems due to genetics and other factors. Thus, get in touch with us and have the best PRP treatment hair loss.

No Gender Restriction

Have you seen hoardings and digital adverts showcasing men who have found benefits from plasma therapy for hair? However, do not grow the misconception that women cannot choose the treatment for hair loss. Both men and women will feel safe while undergoing the treatment. Your gender will not make a difference in the treatment. We will analyze your hair loss pattern and start the plasma therapy for hair growth without the surgical process.

No Costly Treatment

Plasma therapy for hair loss is never costly. Think of the cost of your OTC medications, different hair care supplements, and lifelong home remedies. While comparing the costs, you will find PRP a cheaper alternative and best cure for hair loss. Other hair loss solutions will provide you with temporary results. In some cases, you may not find any outcome at all. Moreover, there is a risk of re-occurrence of the hair loss issue. To avoid these problems, you can choose the PRP treatment at Rasaderm. You will get 100% value from the amount you have invested. 

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Consistency is the major factor in achieving the desired outcome from plasma therapy for hair growth. You need to have PRP therapy at least once a month for the initial 3 to 4 months. Then, you may have an interval of 3 to 6 months. In most cases, patients notice the anticipated results within 2 to 3 months of the treatment.

They have found decreased hair shedding and faster regrowth of hair. Moreover, the treatment has helped them to make their hair longer. In general, continuous treatment for a number of months will give you the optimal result. Plasma hair treatment in Delhipromotes the stem cells and growth factors while stopping hair fall.

Another notable thing is that PRP may be included in your multifaceted hair care program. Speak to our dermatologists to learn more about the treatment.

You can undergo this biocellular hair restoration process effective for both men and women with hair loss problems. The non-surgical process does not take much time to grow and strengthen hair. During the plasma hair treatment in Delhi, our professionals will take your blood sample (about 20 ml) and place it into our centrifuge machine. This system starts spinning the blood at a very high speed. It causes the separation of blood into plasma and other components. Plasma has platelets, small blood cells that promote the repair and growth of your hair. This is how you will gain benefits from ourhair PRP in Delhi.

You can restore your normal routine after undergoing the treatment. Some patients have noticed mild swelling on the treated parts. However, these symptoms will go away after a few days. Due to the minimal downtime, our professionals prefer this hair regeneration technique to treat patients.

However, you must not touch and cleanse the part treated with PRP. You have to follow it for at least 12 hours after the treatment. It will help you in preventing infections. To get more useful instructions, you may speak to our professionals at Rasaderm.

Hair PRP in Delhican be the safest and most effective solution for both men and women. You can feel confident when your bald head starts growing hair. But, before undergoing the treatment, it is better to consult with our dermatologists. With PRP, we try to reverse the thinning process. Our patients have reported that the treatment has been 100% effective for them. They have not found the desired result from the treatment. Rely on Rasaderm to get the hair care solutions.


Patient Journey - PRP Treatment

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Before and After
PRP Treatment Experience


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Shubham Chaudhary

A great professional. I visited her couple of months back for alarming rate of hair fall and hair looking dull and lifeless. I had tried several other doctors, India and overseas and even after prolonged treatment was disappointed. Dr. Veenu patiently listened to my medical history and diagnosed the root cause. I am completely satisfied and cannot thank her enough. She is young and has a wonderful career. I wish her good luck. From my experience i can say that RasaDerm is the best hair clinic in delhi.

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Shefali Sood

I was recommended to this doctor by my sister who is a patient of hers and have been coming to her for over a year. I had a really bad acne problem and every time I went to another doctor they just prescribed me creams which did nothing. I came to Dr.Veenu and she suggested me the right treatment and now my skin has transformed drastically. She’s very friendly and explains everything in detail, she listens to the patient! I would definitely recommend her to everyone. I can happily say that Rasaderm has best skin specialists in Delhi.

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Indian WOman Portrait, Rasaderm skin care
Abhirami Kulkarni

For me, the most important thing to connect with my doctor is her face expressions, rest of the things brain registers later & I instantly liked Dr.Veenu Jindal. She is very friendly & explains patiently.

I liked her treatment which she did expertly. Enhanced my smile.

Best of luck to her.

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